Which i will be celebrating with people I don’t know, in a place I love, with my family that I love and the guy that I’m slowly beginning to care about. Sounds a lot less manic than what’s actually going on inside my head.

My ex, has become someone else. And it’s not the man I’ve fallen in love with, the man who suddenly decided that he “cared too much about me to stay with me” and suddenly blames the distance. The sad thing is that if he could have held on a few more months, everything would have gone as planned. I got accepted into my choice University, and will be going to school and hour from where he lives. But now? Now he has his new girlfriend, and his new “it’s all about the ride” attitude. This is coming from the frugal, smart, organized man i love. He infuriates me and mesmerizes me with every turn.

Got myself into a sticky situation today. I went out with a guy to sled with some friends, and it got down to my friend and his brother rolling a fat stash. . something that two years ago, i could never have said no to. Now, i’m happy to say I left before they lit up and went home sober, and very happy with my strength to say no. It also made me think a lot about what I could be writing about. . So hopefully my morning will be filled with words.

Oh, I’m looking into a newspaper job at college. It’s money, and I might as well use the writing ability I do have..

Happy New Years, everyone!