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This is my journey. I am a writer, a lover of prose. I am student. I sit in classes for hours a day, dreaming of how to get out. Out of my mind, out of school, and most of all out of my current state. I want to transcend. Become something better, do something worth-while. I mean, we’re on this Earth for a while, why not make an impact? I want to become a better writer, and maybe that’s the purpose of this blog–to document my journey. Or maybe even to organize my mind, which as of late has been a hot mess of manic mood swings that can either take me high, with bursts of creativity, or bring me down hard. I believe that writing is a thankless art most times. We begin with this idea. We dream, dream, dream of publications and royalties and status, and we throw ourselves into the work for it, to gain the writer’s exultation. Even if things go great, that editor loved the piece, in the back of your mind you’re still dwelling on the rejection letters. It’s a progressive art, always striving to get a little higher. None-the-less, it is passion.

I am a student, a daughter, a real girl. I plan on becoming a Doctor of Psychology, which is in itself a bit of a paradox. I want to do something significant and change the world, even just a little. But, for now I’ll focus on the day-to-day. My family, my job, and lastly but most dear to me, my writing.

No, my name isn’t sunshine. And that’s not always an accurate description either. But it is hopeful, and for the time being, that’s what I am. Sunshine, hopeful. Please respect this. I thank all of my readers, and appreciate your time, even if at times this turns out to just be the ramblings of a young girl. At this point, I’m just as unsure as you must be, so let’s enjoy the journey.