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When I said last week that I was in deep, I never meant it to become an actuality. Here on the plains, we have the extremes. Fitting climate for a borderline, eh? We have extreme ice, or extreme heat. No in-between here, baby. One day it’s 72 and fine, and the next you’re in the worst snow blizzard in 22 years. Yes, that was yesterday. . It was insane! A fifty car pile up, snow up to the waist, and the elders doing backflips off the dock of the pond into the snow..Yeah, it’s Christmas.

I’ve become obsessed with time. Hours, counting. All that runs through my mind lately is “three hours until work”…and then…”two hours until closing.” I need something to shake up the day to day. To set my compulsive mind free…

I wanna go somewhere, do something, man! I want to go back to Italy maybe. Be led down the canal by a nice Luca, or Adamo..or spend the day at Temple Square in Salt Lake City as “we” planned..I want to go to Bangladesh and watch Bollywood in the streets. Run away with Kajal or Rasheed and be free. Free of obligation, of duties. Just a break, ya know?

All this snow is getting me down. Good Christmas though, stay safe out there.


Let the sun shine.

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