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I went to see AVATAR in 3D the other night. I have to admit I loved it. My uncle did the special effects for it, and so even though I knew it had a fair amount of bad words, ect in it I saw it regardless. It got me thinking..

Writers have the right idea when it comes to peace. How better to promote something? If you think about it a writer will write a piece, like AVATAR, and throw in the good guys. The ones who are seeking betterment, or hope, or just trying to survive. The writer begins as to put you into that character’s place. Make you walk like them, talk like them, to ultimately make you feel for them. As the story progresses a conflict is added. The character(s) that you’ve come to love have been threatened, and you’re willing to do anything for them, you see them as a being with emotion and thought and something that very much appeals to you’re sense of empathetic thinking.

This made me think about our current and past problem with the middle east. I strongly believe that part of our problem is that we haven’t taken the time to take the risk of getting in there and getting to know our “enemies” no, i don’t mean the Taliban, Al Queda, ect, but the middle easterners as a whole. We haven’t taken the chance to learn and respect their customs and ways, as one would a character in a novel or movie. Why not spend some time learning customs that aren’t our own? Are we that prideful and egotistical? I think we would find that if we came to know, love, respect the people we jump the gun to hate, we would think twice about nuclear/chemical warfare and war in general..

Was this obvious to you? I guess some things just hit us. Like this:

Why do we sing “Rock a bye baby” to lull a baby to sleep when the song is about putting your baby in a tree and letting the wind crash the cradle on the ground?

Food for thought?


Let the sun shine.

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